Gold Leafing a historic sign

I was tasked with created a new sign for the historic Edward Kelley School in Sacramento.  Established in 1869 it is the oldest standing school in our state capitol.  I Started by selecting the oldest vintage wood sign I could to recycle for this use.  I like to find special use for old historic things.  So this wood sign blank was originally hung in front of Brighton School which was founded in 1897.  The wood isn’t that old.  It is from the 50’s actually… but none the less a very cool old piece of wood.  I flipped the wood over so the remnants of the old Brighton School would be hidden and preserved on the back side.  I had the front sanded and new frame was built around it.  I researched signs from the mid to late 1800’s and determined this was an appropriate lettering style.  I thought long and hard on what color to do the lettering in and finally decided on doing real gold leafing.  Although this process was a tedious one, I think the results are beautiful and look very historic.  I think a place as historic as this deserves it.