Skull and old school flames helmet. For sale: $150


This is a medium novelty half dome with old school hot rod flames that fade to black. In the front is a happy little skull with glowing eyes. All clear coated as usual. $150 adoption fee on this one. Thanks, Dan

Randy’s tank update # 2 (finished)

Should have posted a few more inbetweens… hahaha.. but anyway here is the finished product.  I am sorry it is so hard to photograph highly reflective surfaces.  So you can see me, parts of the background and big highlights running through the pictures but hopefully you can get the iderrrr

This is perhaps the smallest pinup I have done.  I am happy with how it came out.  I tried some new techniques and I think the results are nice.

The subtle colors and flow of the smoke really came out nice.  I like leaving the main bulk of the tank on the sides blank on this piece.  I think it makes it more elegant and it make the pinup more like a rolls royce hood sculpture.  This tank is going on a soft tail that belongs to cool cat named Randy.  Look for this bike roaring around northern California.